Consensus Energy and Applied Energy Conservation Systems Announce Merger


The two companies will offer broader energy efficiency consulting, services and modifications for commercial and industrial clients. 


Atlanta, Georgia, January 5th, 2012 – Consensus Energy of Atlanta, GA and Applied Energy Conservation Systems of Chattanooga, TN announced the joining of companies to achieve greater energy savings services for commercial and industrial clients throughout the southeast. The newly formed company will operate under Consensus Energy, and will be headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  Consensus Energy will retain a regional office in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

The newly structured Consensus Energy will provide full range energy audits and analysis, lighting retrofits, power quality improvements, utility rate analysis and assessment, energy savings measurement and verification, tax consulting, project financing, and rebate/incentive compliance. “There is currently an extraordinary amount of Federal, State and local incentives in the market place right now to enable companies to improve their energy usage at little to no upfront costs,” said Steve O’Neil, Managing Partner of Consensus Energy.  “With a broader suite of services, Consensus Energy is positioned to offer clients turn-key solutions to dramatically improve their efficiency and lessen their utility costs through technology, tax planning, operational efficiencies, and rebates.” 

“With this merger, Consensus Energy can now offer an unprecedented range of technological solutions and services for saving money” said Partner Ben Taube, formerly Executive Director of the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Consensus Energy provides clients customized energy saving solutions based on strategic analysis of energy use, targeted equipment retrofits and modifications, tax strategies and equipment rebates.  “Taken together, energy saving packages are very compelling investments for companies to make” said John Noel, Partner.  “2012 is the year of efficiency” he said, “there is no better time to investigate the technologies, services, and -- most importantly -- incentives to building efficiencies.”

Consensus Energy provides clients the financing need for projects.  Many energy efficiency projects that make sense are not pursued due to lack of funds. “Consensus Energy can finance projects out of the resulting savings so there is little or no up-front cost to our clients” said Ed Outlaw, Consensus Energy Partner.

Increasing energy and utility costs provide a motivating factor that will drive projects for Consensus Energy clients.  Ray Segars, Consensus Energy Partner and Certified Energy Manager states that, “as energy costs increase, energy efficiency projects pay for themselves quicker and become more attractive investments for clients.”

Consensus Energy works in the commercial and industrial sectors, and is poised to fill a need in customized energy-savings solutions for clients.  “Not all businesses have the same technological needs, or available capital to make the transition to efficiency”, said O’Neil, “Consensus Energy will design the system, identify the best rebates and tax strategies and even finance projects to improve the bottom line.” 

For further information, contact Steve O’Neil, Managing Partner at (678) 666-4684 x 212.  Or email



Lighting Retrofit Program Still Has Funds Available For GACS Members


                                workers remove old, inefficient lamps                                                     after new efficient LED lamps have been installed


Utility costs continue to rise for Georgia businesses and convenience store operators are no different. As announced last year, GACS was selected to receive an energy grant to create a fund to help members reduce their energy lighting costs. A number of GACS members have taken advantage of this program, whose major incentive is that the work can be done with no upfront costs. Members only agree to pay back to the fund a portion of the savings created by the retrofitting and then, for a limited time. After then ALL savings go to the operator. Savings payments made to the fund are then utilized to provide additional funding for members.


What GACS Members Are Saying About the Retrofit Program


John Hubert - Chu's

“There is a noticeable upgrade in the brightness and color of lighting; the LED cooler lights pop out at you.”
“Customers and staff noticed a difference even driving up the street in the canopy lights. The employees still talk about how much better they are.”
“Our electric bill for our Richmond Hill store has decreased dramatically.”
“I had taken for granted the lights I had. The tweaking that was done to the ceiling lights really changed the quality and tone of our store. It’s amazing what you can do with lighting.”
“Quick turnaround, and we are definitely seeing some savings. I recommend this to other convenience store owners.”


Keith Mangam - Zack's Food Rack

“I was surprised by the savings. The lights are brighter than before, with lower wattage, and my bills have decreased.”
“The process was easy. The technicians were cordial and professional, and didn’t interfere with business.”
“I very much encourage other stores to participate in this program.”
“Several customers and staff commented on the store being brighter, and the lights being a better color.”

What is the Payback and How Do I Apply?


Projects done already have had estimated paybacks of no more than 3 years, with most projects having paybacks around 2 years. For example, a project for a location costing approximately $8,000 has generated over $4,000 in annual savings going forward.
To apply for your locations(s) to receive a lighting retrofit under this program, please contact Angela Holland at (770) 736-9723 and ask her to email you an application, or tell you how to download a lighting application.


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